FIP#1 Using GAS generated by nNEO as rewards for Perp Trading Competition

Proposed by: The Flamingo Team
Vote Duration: UTC 08:00 12/02/2020 to UTC 08:00 12/05/2020


Ranking Rewards: 20,000 GAS in total

  • 1st 6,000 GAS
  • 2nd 4,000 GAS
  • 3rd 3,000 GAS
  • 4–10th 1,000 GAS

Bounty Bonus:1,000 GAS to be rewarded to every selected proposal.

There is currently more than 70,000 GAS generated by the nNEO contract. The usage of GAS generated by the nNEO contract in the future will be decided by the community via voting of relevant proposals.
More information will soon be released regarding Perp Trading Competition.