Flamingo FUSD Pool Bonus

In this section we walk you through how to get a Pool Bonus with FUSD pools.
This section describes the step-by-step process of getting a Pool Bonus with FUSD liquidity pools. To learn more about why Pool Bonus is a beneficial feature to aid the FUSD protocol, please read Flamingo Lend Targeted Incentives.
NOTE: Numbers and figures in this tutorial represent testing data only and may not accurately represent current figures.

Get an FUSD Pool Bonus

To get a Pool Bonus, you will need:
  • A computer (Mac or PC) connected to the internet
  • An internet browser (like Google Chrome)
  • An installed Neo wallet (in this guide we will be using the Neon wallet)
  • A small amount of NEO N3 GAS tokens for making transactions with Flamingo
  • Collateral assets such as FLUND, bNEO, and/or fWBTC
  • FUSD staked in a liquidity pool
1. If you haven't already, set up a Neo wallet.
2. Go to Flamingo.Finance > Asset Actions.
3. Select Connect Wallet > NEON.
4. There are several ways to connect your NEON wallet to the platform. You can either Link your wallet, scan a QR code or copy and paste the connection URL into the add connection page in your wallet. For this example, we have chosen Link Wallet with the Deeplink connection. The browser will ask you if you would like to accept Neon to make a connection. Select Yes.
5. You are now prompted with the NEON wallet connection window. Select the green checkmark.
6. Your wallet is now connected. Return to Flamingo and on the Asset Actions tab, select Pool Bonus.
7. To allocate your borrowed FUSD Bonus APR, input the percent allocation of your borrowed FUSD to the pools of your choice. For this example we will allocate 100% of our borrowed FUSD to the FLP-fUSDT-FUSD pool for an estimated APR boost of 11%. Select Update Allocation.
8. Open your NEON wallet and select the green arrow to confirm the transaction.
9. Your transaction is pending. Go back to Flamingo.
That's it! Your Pool Bonus allocation has been updated and you are now receiving bonus APR on your selected pools.