How to Buy FLM Tokens on

In this guide we show you how to buy FLM tokens to use with Flamingo.
Once you’ve created your N3 wallet, it's time to get some Flamingo tokens (FLM). Currently, the quickest way to get FLM tokens into your wallet is to buy them on
1. Go to the website and select Sign Up.
2. To create an account, add your email address and a safe password. Select the checkbox to certify you are 18 years of age or older and select Next.
3. Choose a Fund password. This is a password you will only use to withdraw funds. Pick a different password than your login password; they cannot be the same! Select Create Account.
4. Solve the puzzle and you will see confirmation that your account has been created. Head over to your email to confirm the registration.
5. Log in to your account. You can now deposit funds. However, to buy and withdraw FLM you’ll need to finish the Know Your Customer (KYC) process. Hover your mouse over your account icon and select KYC (Identification).
6. Select Verify Now under the Individual verification to start the process.
7. Add your Country and Full Name. Choose the Identity Document you would like to use to verify with and upload the requested files.
Note: This verification process takes up to 12 hours. After that, you are ready to buy FLM to withdraw to your Neo wallet!
8. Go to the Markets tab.
9. Search for FLM. You will see that there are two markets: FLM/USDT and FLM/ETH. Deposit some USDT or ETH into your account. In this example we'll buy with USDT. Head over to the FLM/USDT market.
10. Select the amount of FLM you wish to buy, or max your USDT if you already have the exact amount you want to buy. In this case, we will buy 60 FLM. Select Buy.
11. After a successful buy, go to Wallet > Withdraw.
12. To withdraw, choose FLM, select the Neo N3 chain, add your wallet address (starts with an N!) and choose the amount of FLM you want to withdraw. Right now, the fee for withdrawal is 10 FLM. Fill in your Fund password, your email verification code, and your Google Authenticator code to confirm its you. Select Submit Request.
Once you have finished adding your information and submitting the withdrawal request, your FLM tokens will arrive in your Neo N3 wallet within minutes, ready for you to use on the Flamingo platform!