WETH assets migration

Follow this guide to migrate nWETH and pnWETH to fWETH.

1. Using fWETH on Flamingo

pnWETH -> fWETH in Wrapper

If you have pnWETH you can change it to fWETH. Go to Flamingo Wrapper: With the Wrap tab active connect your wallet, choose pnWETH, input the required amount, click Next:
Click Confirm on the next screen. You will receive the fWETH to your Neo wallet.
You can now use fWETH in Swap, or provide liquidity with it to earn staking rewards in Vault.

2. Get back WETH

Unwrap fWETH to WETH

To change fWETH to the original WETH on Ethereum, go to Unwrap tab, choose FWETH, input the required amount and click Next.
Click Confirm on the next screen. You will receive the WETH to your Ethereum wallet.

Withdraw nWETH to WETH on Flamincome

Flamincome now offers asset migration to change your nWETH tokens back to Ethereum-based WETH tokens.
Click on the pink drop-down arrow and then click the Liquid button.
Input the amount you would like to change and click confirm. All your V1 assets will be reverted to WETH.

3. Fees upon withdrawal

As specified in the Assets Guide, below fees are implemented on Flamincome after the redesign from 03/03/2021 0800 UTC:
Withdrawal Fee
Performance Fee
There is a withdrawal fee implemented for assets (both the principal and the yield) in order to ensure asset stability and prevent the impact of frequent fund transfers from eroding other users’ assets.
  1. 1.
  2. 2.
    x-assets: 0 until 17th Mar 0800 UTC, then <=0.3% afterwards
There is a 5% performance fee out of the yields of y-assets to cover GAS fees on the Ethereum network.