How to Swap Tokens

In this user guide, we'll walk you through how to swap tokens using Flamingo Convert.
To swap tokens using Convert on Flamingo.Finance, you will need:
  • A computer (Mac or PC) connected to the internet
  • An internet browser (like Google Chrome)
  • An installed Neo wallet with GAS tokens for transaction costs
1. Go to Flamingo.Finance and select the Asset Actions tab.
2. Select Connect Wallet.
3. Select a wallet to connect. For this example we'll connect NeoLine.
4. Your NeoLine extension wallet will open. Select Connect.
5. Your wallet is now connected. Return to Flamingo, and on the Asset Actions tab, select Convert.
6. From the From dropdown menu, select the token you want to convert from. For this example we'll swap from GAS.
7. From the To dropdown menu, select the token you want to convert to. For this example we'll swap to bNEO.
8. Enter the number of GAS you want to convert. For this example, we'll convert 2 GAS to 0.568 bNEO.
9. Select Settings to adjust your Slippage and Deadline settings.
10. Check the details of the transaction and if you agree, select Convert Now.
11. Your connected NeoLine wallet will open. If you agree with the transaction details, select Yes.
12. Wait for your transaction to finalize, then select Done. Return to Flamingo and wait for the transaction success message. Select Close.
That's it! You have now officially swapped tokens using Convert on Flamingo Finance.