Flamingo Reverse Pools

We explain what reverse pools are and how to use them on Flamingo.
A reverse pool lets you stake FLM and a second token like any other Flamingo liquidity pool; however, it does not pay you staking rewards in FLM but a different token. The staking reward will often be the second token, but it can also be any other token on Neo. For instance, there could be an FLM-bNEO pool that pays rewards in NUDES.
Reverse Pools on Flamingo:

Why is this worth doing?

A reverse pool is a great way to achieve price discovery and let the market decide a token’s price. The project will then get rewarded with a higher token price if they do something that makes the market want their token. It’s also beneficial because it helps distribute the project token to users that believe in and hold and/or stake the project’s token.

Okay, but what’s in it for Flamingo?

Reverse pools are an excellent way for Flamingo to list new projects and attract new token pairs to the platform; they help attract new investors who want to invest in new projects. Reverse pools also make it easier to for Flamingo to add more projects since listing a reverse pool has much lower demands than an FLM-generating pool.

How do I stake in reverse pools?

To stake in reverse pools, stake in the same ways you've always staked: by manually adding liquidity and staking or by using SmartStake. You can claim rewards as you usually would by selecting Claim and checking the box for the pool you want to claim.

Where can I stake in reverse pools?

On the Asset Actions tab on Flamingo.Finance. You can also see all reverse pool stats and Claim your rewards on the Earn page.

How can I list a token in a reverse pool?

Fill out the listing application here: